Buy the complete set of StarBoards pro (board, tiles, tile pouch, two jumbo racks) in a beautiful carrying box for only US$140

Limited time offer!!!

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Starboads Pro – Avocado Blue


Our folding boards offer a full-round gameplay experience with easy assembly and a proprietary 9″ swivel base. The non-glare surface and specially designed grid ensure seamless gameplay, while the choice of 5 colors for the printed sheet adds a personal touch.


Folding type
Full round after assembling
Easy assembling
Proprietary 9″ swivel base
Non-glare surface
Light weight (1.03 kg with the turntable base)
Grid for holding tiles in place; crescent shaped for easy handling of tiles
Grid and branding monogram sunk in a groove to prevent any damage
A choice of 5 colors for the printed sheet (White, beige, green, blue and red)
A choice of 4 colors for the ABS base (Black, white, red and blue)

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