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Starboards - Crossword game

About Starboards

Welcome to Star Boards, where our passion for exceptional board gaming experiences knows no bounds. With our meticulously designed folding boards, proprietary 9″ swivel base, and non-glare surface, we redefine the way you play. Our boards come in a range of vibrant colors, complemented by textured tiles with bold fonts for optimal visibility. The spacious tile pouch, elegant racks made of polished beech wood, and a convenient carrying case complete the experience. Join us on this word-filled journey, where every game becomes a masterpiece. Welcome to Star Boards, where endless fun awaits.

Why Choose Star Boards?

Our Boards

Our folding boards are a testament to quality and convenience. Once assembled, they provide a full-round gaming experience. With easy assembly and our proprietary 9" swivel base, setting up your game has never been easier. The non-glare surface ensures that you can focus on the game without any distractions. The grid on our boards is specially designed to hold your tiles in place, with a crescent shape for effortless handling. The grid and branding monogram are sunken in a protective groove, preventing any damage during gameplay.

Our Tiles

Our tiles feature a textured surface, providing a pleasant tactile experience. The zero-glare design ensures that you can take pictures without any unwanted reflections. The bold font on each tile enhances visibility, making it easy to read and plan your moves. Each set of tiles comes with a full set of 100 tiles conveniently placed on a sticker paper, eliminating the hassle of counting.

Tile Pouch

Our tile pouch offers ample space, measuring a generous 11.5" x 8" in size. The rounded bottom allows for easy tile retrieval and a comfortable grip. The pouch features a reversed French seam, adding durability and a touch of elegance. You can choose between a Velcro or rope closure, depending on your preference. Select from our range of five attractive colors to match your style.


Made from high-quality beech wood, our racks showcase both durability and sophistication. The racks are polished to perfection, adding a touch of elegance to your gaming setup. With jumbo-sized dimensions of 10" in length and a 1.45" wide base, our racks provide stability and ample space for your tiles.

Carrying Case

Our carrying case is designed for convenience and portability. Made from sturdy cardboard, it offers durability while remaining lightweight. The easy-to-carry design ensures that you can take your gaming passion with you wherever you go.

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