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How to Assemble

Star Boards Pro

Lay the 2 halves of the board upside down on a table/flat surface.

Note there are 2 different types of notches on the edge of the

raise the female part above the male part, align them and press them with thumb until it sits flat.

Like this. Do the same with the other side.

Make sure the middle of the board is also flat/aligned with one another. If not, lightly press until it is flat.

Get the revolving base/lazy susan and identify 2 types of notches. The oval and the keyhole type on top of the base.

Put your thumb and finger in two opposite holes and lift the base.

Align the oval with the protruding notches in the middle circle of the board.

Put the base on the board, the round of the keyhole at the bottom will fit perfectly with the notch.

Rotate the base clockwise to lock both parts (base and board) together.

The board is ready.

Lift the board, holding it from opposite sides.

Flip it right side up and put it on a table/flat surface.

Done! Enjoy playing Star Board Pro.

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